7 June to 9 July

Bonham Art and Design is pleased to open the doors of our flagship Arrowtown gallery, exploring the interconnectedness of function and beauty.

The gallery’s inaugural exhibition is an international view into the future of art and design, bringing an evocative showcase of world renowned artisans, designers and makers to Aotearoa for the first time. With a focus on sculptural form, this exhibition features works by Ann Weber (USA), Art and Loom (USA), Sylvan S.F. (USA), Thoryn Ziemba (USA) and Yair Neuman (UK).

The exhibition explores a curated selection of furniture by Sylvan S.F., glass sculpture by Thoryn Ziemba and handmade rugs from Art + Loom. These designs transcend ‘trends’ instead existing as sculptural forms functioning in the space of collectable design and fine art.

Working from recycled materials, Weber and Neuman’s works are informed by a sustainable ideology. The former lives of the materials used are reworked into the artist’s reinvented forms; recycled cardboard boxes used as the preferred medium for Weber’s monumental sculptures, while the lenses from discarded eyewear are repurposed into Neuman’s delicate and luminous chandeliers.

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