Coil 48

Twisting tubes of handblown glass with cut and polished ends, the SkLO coil 48 object showcases the inimitable clarity and thickness of Czech glass, embodying the ability of glassblowing to capture the kinetic moment in time. Handblown, no two individual SkLO coil 48 objects are alike.
Coil 48 is sold individually, in intertwine-able groups of three, or in intertwine-able groups of three with a handmade steel table stand.

Dimensions (mm):
Individual: W 1220mm x 300mm
Set of 3: W 1320mm x 300mm
Set of 3 with stand: W 1470mm x D 360mm x H 410mm

Individual: 48” W x 12” H
Set of 3: 52” W x 12” H
Set of 3 with stand: 58” W x 14” D x 16” H

Glass available in three colors (including clear)
All glass dimensions are approximate – handblown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent
Handblown in the Czech Republic

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