The SkLO echo vessels are rounded asymmetrical shapes of handblown Czech glass in transparent colors with dimpled voids at their tops. The vessels are mirror-finished from the inside, giving them their distinct metallic reflective surface. Intentionally off-center, each echo evokes its handblown origins.

Dimensions (mm):
Available in three sizes:
Small: H 150mm x Dia. 200mm
Medium: H 180mm x Dia. 300mm
Large: H 120mm x Dia. 430mm

Available in three sizes:
Small: 6” H x 8” Dia
Medium: 7” H x 12” Dia
Large: 12” H x 17” Dia

Three sizes, four colors
All glass dimensions are approximate – handblown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent
Handblown in the Czech Republic

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