Pool Wall Piece

SkLO pool wallpieces are discs of handblown glass with open mouths at the center where the pieces are broken from the glass master’s pipe and flame polished, giving each a unique detail. SkLO pool wallpieces are hung with handmade steel wall hooks. The steel wall hooks come in two different depths, 3″ and 4″ (7.5 and 10cm) to allow for slight overlapping of the pool discs. Unless otherwise specified, a mix of 3″ and 4″ hooks is provided.

Dimensions (mm):
Available in three sizes:
Small: DIa. 304.8mm
Medium: Dia. 457.2mm
Large: Dia. 609.6mm

Available in three sizes:
Small: 12” Dia
Medium: 18” Dia
Large: 24” Dia

Three sizes, nine colors
Steel wall hooks available in two finishes: dark oxidized / polished nickel
All glass dimensions are approximate – handblown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent
Handblown in the Czech Republic

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